What's cooking? Here's a sneak peak of what you may find soon on the blog.

:|: bless this mess

Here you'll find the mess and mishaps that are inevitable in my kitchen. Messy cooks, take heart! You can make a beautiful product, despite a little mess and a few mishaps...even if you're a bit of a klutz, like myself.

Corn, corn everywhere...Why does everything I cook end up on the floor?

Making 3 batches of scones at once proved to be a little much for my small kitchen. I'm glad there are no pictures of the floor...

Making marshmallows was definitely "one sweet mess"... 

Project "Lotta Tomata"...and lotta mess

I admit, my canning adventures really took over my small kitchen...and dining room.
Day one was especially messy...

 I needed maximum counter space...so lots of items were temporarily moved to the dining room.

Yes, those are paper bags on the floor to collect tomato drippings and the overflow
of water that was bubbling out onto the floor.