What's cooking? Here's a sneak peak of what you may find soon on the blog.

:|: why the name?

I've tossed around the idea of starting a food blog for quite some time, but I was never able to think of what I would really have to share.  While I'm far from a chef, I've always loved cooking and have an insatiable desire to learn new skills, techniques and recipes. When inspired to try something new,  I tend to dive in head first, not always fully prepared, but never lacking in enthusiasm.  What follows is usually a disheveled kitchen, out of which emerges (miraculously) a delightful meal.  Messy process, beautiful product.  I think that sums up my philosophy on learning in all of its forms and perhaps even on life.

Recently was no exception.  I was elbow deep in tomato guts, standing on flattened paper grocery bags to catch juice drippings and using up all the kitchen towels to catch an overflow of boiling water, when the idea came to me.  I should do a blog that actually includes all the mess.  I have been following food blogs for years,  smitten kitchen being one of my favorites.  Here's the thing, though: in all the food blogs I follow, the pictures are gorgeous, the commentary clever, and the food always looks amazing.  It's just so perfect!  My kitchen experiences are rarely so pristine.  I want to do a food blog for the amateur cook who just simply loves to be in the kitchen and who can't help but make a mess from time to time.

Thus, "one sweet mess" was born.

What can you expect to find here, besides a messy kitchen and a klutzy home cook?  :)  I am a vegetarian, so these will all be meatless recipes.  I am drawn to natural, organic and increasingly more local ingredients.  While I tend to eat with health in mind, I have a decadent side and enjoy butter, cream and sugar as much as the next person.  You'll likely find a fair amount of desserts included, as a have a sweet tooth.  No matter what I share, I'll try to be true to the "mess" and keep it real.

Let's have a kitchen adventure together!